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A Voice In The Dark

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A Voice In The Dark is a period musical that uses Soul & Gospel music to tell the story of a group of Chicagoans attempting to overcome the divisions of love, race, and gender in the 1960's.

A Voice In The Dark is the story of a virtuosic female composer and her compatriots wrapped up in the politics of era eerily similar to ours. 

Amidst of the social turmoil of fall 2016 writer/composer Julie Nichols and writer/director/composer Billy Bungeroth began work on a series of 1960's R&B tunes that reflected the unrest they and their peers were feeling. With story help from writer/director Samantha Bailey (Brown Girls), they let these songs inspire a haunting tale of love and loss that has become the basis for the musical A Voice in the Dark. For the LookOut series, they will be performing a workshop version of the show that will include full musical performances as well as dialogue and monologues.

Jeff Award-winning director, Billy Bungeroth, and partner Julie Nichols have previously collaborated on the Jeff-nominated South Side of Heaven and their co-creation with Second City & Hubbard Street Dance Company, the critical and commercial blockbuster The Art Of Falling. Other greatest hits include Woolly Mammoth's box office triumph, the Helen Hayes nominated Black Side Of The Moon, as well as shows throughout the country including the Alliance Theater, La Jolla Playhouse, and Lyric Opera.

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